Region Local Bonanza: Prairie Central
Fairbury is a quaint small town with many interesting shops and great places to eat. Be sure to take a cruise down Route 24 and a stroll down Locust Street to visit the downtown area. Stop in at every shop along the way!
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About Local Bonanza:

Started in 2010, was born out of our desire to help local businesses attract more customers and keep the community folks shopping in the local market.

Growing up in Fairbury, Illinois, we, Mary Beth and Helen Steidinger, enjoy the small-town atmosphere and family-focus of rural communities. As the big-box retailers seem to be taking over the market, it becomes more and more difficult for the small businesses in rural areas to compete. provides a way for small businesses to reach their tarket markets in traditional and non-traditional ways. Via coupons and offers online and posting events on the web, businesses can work together to leverage their marketing efforts.

Cooperatively sending direct mail pieces and cross marketing products and services between businesses, helps everyone help each other. Local Bonanza offers a forum to do this.

As we grow, we are looking for business associates throughout rural America to begin a service in their area. If you have an interest in helping businesses in your area, growing your community and building a business for yourself doing that, please contact us at (815) 692-3710.